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About Goebel Chiropractic in Fort Wayne

Family of Health Practitioners


Conveniently located at 4309 W. Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Dr. John Goebel is just one member (three generations) of a family of health practitioners. His grandfather, Dr. Carl John Goebel, M.D., D.O., D.C. started Goebel Chiropractic in 1916. Goebel’s uncle, Dr. Ralph Goebel, D.C., practiced Chiropractic in New Haven in the 1930’s and his father, Dr. Harold J. Goebel, D.C. began treating patients in the 1950’s and retired in 1990.

“I owe what I have accomplished to my father, my grandfather, and the Lord.” says Goebel. “Goebel Chiropractic isn’t just me , it’s the entire family.”

Other health practitioners in the family include:

Other health practitioners in the family include Dr. C. William Goebel, M.D. (Goebel’s uncle), specializing in adult and pediatric allergies, as well as his sister, Peggy Thomas, a Registered Nurse specializing in cardiology in Fort Wayne. Dr. Charles D. Goebel, D.O., FAAP (Goebel’s brother) , a pediatrician, and former Chief of Pediatrics at Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, Texas. He is also on the teaching faculty for the University of Texas in the Community Medical Department.

Goebel Family -  three generations in chiropractic care.

Goebel Family – three generations in chiropractic care.

What prompted nearly an entire family – three generations in chiropractic care to be exact – to dedicate their lives to helping the sick?

It began with Goebel’s grandfather, Carl Goebel, a medical doctor. A man dedicated to curing the sick, Goebel believed that merely treating a symptom, wasn’t enough. A medical doctor in the early 1900’s, Carl Goebel noticed that not all of his patients were being cured with only traditional medicine. He decided to embark upon a new profession, chiropractic, only 20 years old at the time. Carl John became the first chiropractor physician with in-office X-ray analysis in Indiana. At that time, many in the medical field didn’t subscribe to Carl John’s “new” form of medicine. “He was black balled by the medical community for adopting the philosophy that health comes from ‘inside’ a person.” says Goebel. “His belief, the chiropractic belief, is that health doesn’t come from a pill on the counter and it doesn’t come from a surgeon’s scalpel. It doesn’t come from outside the body at all.

We, as Doctors of Chiropractic, work on the premise that the body’s own inner wisdom is always striving to achieve a healthier state on its own.

Chiropractors give the body’s “doctor within” a chance to work by correcting vertebral subluxations (shifting of spinal bones out of normal alignment, which may be interfering with the natural flow of life energy (electricity) over the spinal nerves to all tissue, cells and muscles of the body. When nerve interference is improved, the body has a better chance of reaching its goal of optimal health.”

In essence, when the spine loses its normal motion or position, it loses electricity, which causes ill health and spinal decay/arthritis.

Our approach is simple. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions. And while we generally meet people after they’ve lost their health, our commitment is to help you through both relief and wellness care. The Purpose of Goebel Chiropractic is to serve our patients with the highest quality chiropractic care, and to educate our patients so they may educate others.

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