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Getting Results Video

Getting Results

This is a great 8-minute combination of our “Getting Started” and “Making Choices” videos.

Staying Well Video

Staying Well

The integrity of our nervous system is the primary focus of your chiropractic care. Removing interferences, usually along the spine, can help people get well and stay well. That’s the idea behind a new type of health care called wellness. That’s what this short 7-minute video is all about.

Store Wars Video

Store Wars

Join the organic food revolution and treat your body to natural health care (like chiropractic!). Our Store Wars friends; Obi Wan Canoli, Cuc Skywalker and Princess Lettuce take you on an exciting intergalactic journey in this short video.

Store Wars Video


Dr. David Fletcher, Chairman and Chief Clinical Officer of CLA discussses CLA’s new reporting and test technology called the COREscore.

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